Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The End...

This time has come to say farewell.

This blog has run a strong 4 years. I've enjoyed it thoroughly. It started out as "Remembering Titus," then became "The Straw Man's Favorite Blog," then became "The Red Herring's Favorite Blog," and will end its tenure as "Captain Ahab's Continuing Story: The Search for the Great Red Herring."

But I have changed... a lot. I am not the same person I was 4 years ago. Don't get me wrong--I still carry a lot of the same attributes within my personality. But overall, I'm just not the same. And its time to move on.

I'll probably start a new blog. Perhaps one about the VW Beetle restoration project or about the remodeling project we're getting ready to do on our new house. Or perhaps I won't start a new one at all.

So, for all my readers and commenters: thanks. I appreciate you being a part of this in some way. The discussions have typically been invigorating and intellectually stimulating. Even if you were a complete a-hole to me or simply read it to gain more ammunition about what a heretic I am, I'm glad you read it. It boosted my ego when I would check my blog traffic. But seriously... this is like saying goodbye to a real friend, not a blog. Its actually somewhat emotional. Its recognizing that its time to move on from an era in my life, not just to retire from posting on This is saying "Hello!" to a new phase.

I won't delete the contents of this blog. I'll leave it up (unless I run for public office). I like to occassionally read posts from years ago to remember what I was thinking about at that time--to read about how much my thought/belief processes have changed. If I do start another blog, I'll post the link on here.

Thanks again, fellow readers. I'll leave you with a quote from my very first post on Feb. 27th, 2007:

"I want to be remembering Titus. A man all too often forgotten. I want to be remembering that where I come from doesn't designate where I'm going. I want to be remembering that I may not be exactly what everyone expects, but in the kingdom of God, who cares? I want to be remembering that we have a purpose..."

The End.