Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I am not a good pretender...

While its a sad fact, I find myself to be a good liar. My darkness shows through in that part of me... but I'm not a good pretender. I'm not much of a faker. What I feel like... what I think... my emotions--they show through. Its always obvious what type of mood I'm in.

That said, my blogs on here will probably be the same way. Whatever I want to write about at that moment, its going to come out. It could be about the church. It could be about marraige. It could be about careers. It could be about music. It could be about ministry. It could be about politics. It could be about how much I despise most of pop culture. Regardless, I'll always be honest. Always. I wouldn't say I write truth. But I do write what's true in my heart and mind. That you can count on.

Blunt. Brash. Incoherent at times. Laughable. Humorous. Emotional. Serious.
Hopefully it will be all of these things at some point.
But honest, I will always be.