Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well well well...

It finally happened. I turned off comments. You can still comment. They just won't display on the page anymore. I'll get an email with the comment. But no one else will see. That way, I can be privately angry and not have to share the thought with anyone else. Right?

I just got so tired of all the ignorance. Its like people aren't even reading what I'm writing. They don't get what I actually say. Crazy conclusions being jumped to and words being put in my mouth and on and on... I just got tired of dealing with it.

So now, I can write whatever I want again without having to worry about the response. My wife won't have to hear me complain about the moron's writing on my blog anymore and see me on the verge of either tears or blowing something up. So very soon I'll go back to normal writing. I swear.

Until then, thanks for reading. Holler back...