Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pizza and sweet tea...

That's what I had for dinner. It was great.

We got our new MacBook today. Its Amazing. With a capitol A. Amazing.

So I begin to write again. Yay! Its my birthday, Gilbert!

First and foremost, I've just finished reading the first six Harry Potter books. All I can say is: WOW. All caps, yes. WOW. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I can't wait to get the seventh book and devour it. Unbelievable how good they are.

Secondly, my wife has developed a liking for the show "King of Queens." So far, the best quote of Season 3 is "Morning sex is the best thing in the world without cheese on it." How true. How true.

Thirdly, I have found that no matter how I dislike Ben Stiller, his father Jerry Stiller is a funny, funny man. Outrageously funny. I wish he lived across the hall. He'd be my new best friend.

Fourthly, I'm not sure that "fourthly" is a real word.

Fifthly, I've been reading this crazy thing called the New Testament. Wild stuff. But the wife is giving me a look right now that I'm afraid is going to cause my body to suddenly burst into flames, so I'm done. Theology later. I swear. No really, I promise I will. Don't give me that look. Bobby's calliing now. Holler back.