Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not just another day...

Lots of things happened today.
Lots of things.

We bought bedside tables finally.

I had pizza.

Brittany wrecked my car (slightly, but not totally).

I figured out that I really do love Band of Horses. Their CD simply pales in comparison to their live show when the music is turned up to eleven. Still good. Just not as good.

I remembered that I miss Spacehog. What a great Brit pop band.

Tim invited me over to watch Saturday's big UFC fight. Four words: Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell

And I wrote out a new blog while driving home from BFE Kentucky. It'll take a while to type it all out. Tomorrow perhaps. And yes, I'm sure it'll be everything that you hope it will be.

So, until next time...
Holler back.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the car.

Congrats on the tables.

BOH has a new album coming out early next month.

Keep on teasing RE a big-time entry...