Friday, February 15, 2008

She's my lobster...

I am sitting on the rooftop balcony at the 21C Hotel in Louisville. I am sitting in a fluffy hotel bath robe sipping a fine bubbly from a silver cup. We have a beautiful view of downtown from up here. My wife sits ten feet from me, inside, on the massive king bed, cycling through the iPod that came with the room trying to decide if we should listen to My Mourning Jacket or Coldplay. We enjoyed an amazing meal at Proof on Main tonight--one of my top ten ever. We then enjoyed a nice ensemble's concert down at the Jazz Factory. We have massages scheduled in the morning, after room service brings us breakfast in bed.

Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot.

I thank God daily for the blessing that is my Brittany Marie.

I thank God for weekends like these when we can get away from angry bloggers, jobs, last semesters of college, utility bills and cars that won't run right... to simply spoil each other, do the things we love and think of nothing else.

I thank God for nights like these.

I thank God...

(PS-Brittany has just informed me that the iPod is pre-loaded with some Elton John. We will be listening to Tiny Dancer and Rocket Man now, in case you wanted to know...)