Sunday, September 7, 2008

Normally, I'm a Colbert kind of guy. But...

This is too good for you NOT to watch.

The infamous John Stewart, everyone:


Kickert said...

Incredible. I absolutely love this video clip.

Now... as for you "why would anyone vote for McCain" post... I think you were just looking for a fight.

Sheffield said...

hahahahahaha...I gotta say Bill O"Riley looked like a fool in one of those clips....please no one tell him. I think the universe would rip into peices if either Bill O'Riley or Nancy Grace happened to be wrong about something....and No I'm not talking about the Nancy in this video...I'm talking about the other one who shouldn't ever be on TV.

tds said...

this is why I don't like politics. The democrats do the same thing.

Is anything really about issues or is it about winning?

BfH said...

That made my day significantly less shitty.

JD said...

TDS-you sir (or madam) are a nincompoop. Its supposed to be humorous--not some bitter diatribe against conservatives.

Pull the stick out of your butt and learn to laugh.

And its always about the issues. If it was about winning, I'd still be railing about Hillary not getting the nomination.

tds said...

the winning comment wasn't directed at you or that you posting that video had anything to do with you trying to be bias or opinionated in our upcoming political election.

It was directed to the fact that our political system is divided into two teams that are competing for the ultimate national reality tv show called our presidential election. In November, Americans simply text (would it not be cool to be able to text our votes?) in who they want voted off. We are no longer in a race to make America better, as some have implied. We are in a race with two competing teams of people who are simply trying to win. To be the last standing, so that they win a great prize of prestige, power and wealth. It is not about the issues.

I loved the video, I thought that it was hilarious. I would have thought that it was just as funny should it have been a spoof of Democratic politics.

You are on edge now with your blog. Relax.