Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Socio-Political Animated Films and Me

This movie blew me away. 90% of the movie has no real dialog. Its brilliant.

I know this movie is aimed at children, but it has a lot to say to adults. People in the movie become totally reliant on technology, which, eventually, results in their becoming fat and stupid. Their insatiable need for buying larger amounts of cheap products results in the destruction of the earth--mainly through the overwhelming amounts of waste. They are all so absorbed in the technology they've been surrounded by since birth, that they're all totally unaware of the world around them. The connectivity brought by technology has caused a lack of real relationships and active lifestyles.

Not only is there all of this stuff going on under the surface, but it has laughs. I loved it.


JD said...

We watched the movie again with some family.

Brittany made a great observation: all the robots in that are broken or messed up in the repair ward are the ones who make all the change happen. I thought that was great insight--everybody else thought those bots were useless. But in reality, they helped changed the world with their unique abilities.

Becca S. said...

I love that film. It's amazing. My boyfriend bought the DVD for me.