Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who wants to pre-order one?

Its the American Patriot's Bible! Woo wee! Just what we've all been waiting for!

My favorite part has got to be: "I think that most of our hard-working citizens have a belief in their hearts that the Bible certainly has influenced may of our founding documents - documents such as the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and numbers of others. But they really can't put their hands on any valid proof of concrete facts concerning what they believe in their hearts about the Bible, about God, and about America. This is what The American Patriot's Bible will provide."

Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers. I needed a laugh today.

UPDATE: A couple of blogs I read have pointed me to Greg Boyd's blog, where he discusses the issues of such a terrible Bible as the American Patriot's edition. He writes about it on his personal blog (here) and on the Out of Ur blog (here). The general editor of the American Patriot's bible is supposed to respond to Boyd on the Out of Ur blog soon. Check the links out.


BfH said...

I hope it plays Toby Keith songs every time you open it, like those musical greeting cards...

Sheffield said...

Dr. Richard Lee it's about time to stop pretending. The thought that someone might actually confuse anything in the Bible with American history is scary.

American Patriots would be well off to read the Bible, but nobody needs to read the American Patriot's Bible.

Just because a majority of American's believe in the existence of a personal God doesn't mean that God is an American Patriot. Just as ironic, is putting the words American Patriot in front of Bible.

What's next, the Benito Mussolini Bible for Fascist?

I know it's absurd...that's my point.

Read the Declaration of Independence.
Read the Constitution.
Read the Bible.
And stop pretending.

Good Day