Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Increasing readership...

I used to write about a lot of different things--most of which were quite "controversial" for some people. I wasn't intentionally trying to upset others (though that's fun at times), but was really trying to work through certain theological concepts and social constructs that I had been discouraged from discussing in the past. I wanted to be able to think out loud, ask questions, voice my doubts, and openly discuss things. Its a great way to vent. Its a great way to promote honest conversation among people with opposite view points. Its a great way to get people to read your blog.

But for the past few months, I've kind of taken a break from that for multiple reasons. I've been busy at work, busy in general, and I haven't felt like dealing with any in-depth research, writing, and the discussion that goes along with it. In fact, I've mainly been reading a bunch of good fiction novels and stayed away from books that required too much thinking. As a result, I haven't had as many hits on my blog. Traffic has greatly decreased and this troubles me. I liked logging into the service I have that monitors my blog and seeing how many visits my blog has had over the past few weeks.

So, in effort to increase my blog readership, I'm going to start posting some things that have bouncing around in my head for a while. Things I've avoided because I know what the reaction will be. For instance, I've been told to avoid questioning and critiquing people that are well known and well liked in the evangelical arena. But I'm fairly sure my next post is going to be about John Piper and his hateful version of Christianity that he spreads. That's coming as soon as I can get it written. Tell your friends.

PS-I've been watching "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" as I write this. Its hard not to be happy when watching such a movie. I highly recommend that you rent it sometime soon.


dahl said...

I'd hit that...your blog of course. we still need to do that lunch thing