Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I Believe (part 19)

I believe that when millions of people are excited about Day After Thanksgiving sales it should become clear to us that our lives are losing meaning.

PS- Celebrate Buy Nothing Day instead.


Ivan said...

Celebrated buy working at Starbucks for 8.5 hours. Actually I had not heard of the day until the day after.

p.s. just started reading your blog. I like it.

Ivan said...

oops..*Buy nothing day

JD said...

i was a much better blogger two years ago. i've become apathetic lately. but thanks man.

Ivan said...

no problem, blogging is hard, I have tried to no avail several times. This year I have decided to start one and take it seriously. I dont know what I will write about yet, but I guess that is part of the fun in it.