Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coming attractions...

I'm happy that people are willing to talk/discuss/write on here about whatever topic I bring up. My post "Curiosity, the cat and I..." sparked a lot of interesting conversation, both on and off the blog. Sheffield makes a good point on his blog that people tend to be a lot braver behind a computer screen--that words would be typed on here that would never be said by that person in real life. I think if we aren't careful, we can come across as mean, obnoxious, and/or petty. So I hope discussion on here always remains both honest, polite, and rooted in love--no matter what viewpoint is expressed by others.

Nonetheless, coming soon(!):

-post on abortion (and the politics thereof)

-post on life after death (heaven/hell)(soul sleep)(waiting)(consciousness)

-post on being an ass (quite literally)

PS-Those are in no particular order. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

JDR - Sorry, I haven't been around in awhile. I miss you!

When you do the post on abortion, would you mind talking about your political affiliation. I'm not throwing a stone here, first of all! I definitely would not cast my lot with the "religious right" (the major reasons being scorn for the care of creation and, more importantly, a lack of hatred for war), but I simply can't bring myself to vote for a candidate that supports abortion with the unbelievable numbers of children killed every year. It seems to me as if I don't have a moral ground to stand on in opposition to war if I'm willing to vote for the legalized murder of more than ten times the amount of lives that have been lost in Iraq.

The reason I ask is because the Emergent emphasis on imago dei and the intrinsic value of human life, but they are curiously silent or mumbling when it comes to abortion because of a seemingly latent desire to support the democratic party (in the same way that they throw stones at fundamentalists for supporting the Republican one!)

Help a brotha out!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Correction: "The reason I ask is because I LOVE the Emergent emphasis on..."