Monday, February 23, 2009

Its simple math...


BfH said... least we don't have to worry about government intrusion on constitutional rights, civil liberty or personal privacy.

(I hope your sarcasm detector exploded.)

Ross said...

And the fact that in 1 1/2 monthes we just spent a fourth of what was spent in Iraq war in total so far. Not blaming an one party for that or Obama. Just saying. Republicans are just as responsible. I hope the stimulus helps...but I think everyone is saying it might HELP but we will need MORE...thats scary...

JD said...

Ross, I didn't think this was a bi-partisan issue.

I don't think either one was/is a good idea.

You can't end violence by starting a war and you can't save the financial/economical state of a country by spending money and convincing others to do so.

I think Obama's next four years will be a HUGE improvement over the last eight, but I just don't understand stuff like this. We have systemic issues out the wazoo here in American. All in all, I think we're just screwed--no matter who the president is or what political party he is affiliated with.

Ross said...

I agree with most of what you said. I think that if we put our hope in ANY political system then we will find ourselves without anything to hope in. I agree that all too often we all make issues too partisan. I know how guilty I have been of that in the past. My aim wasn't to make the stimulus bill a partisan issue. I think in the end though if America stays on this current track it CAN be a great time for America. MAYBE we will stop looking to that brands we wear or what Paris Hilton says is cool to define us. Maybe we will find ourselves depending on God for our daily bread and ONLY our daily bread. That's a novel idea!!!

As far as Obama being a HUGE improvement of Bush. It's possible. Bush surely made a LOT of mistakes. I would be the first to admit that. I think it still remains to be seen what kind of President Obama will be so I will reserve that judgement.

PS - I enjoy reding your blog JD. I don't always agree. I would guess I usually don't, but I guess that's kind of the point right? We CAN disagree and still enjoy talking. I love that about America. Of all the things I'm ready for America to die to that's not one of them. Hope you're doing well!

JD said...


I appreciate people reading along--regardless of what they think about my personal views.

We all need to learn to disagree well.