Friday, February 13, 2009


Focus on the Family is right below Reformed doctrine on the list of things I'm not fond of, but right above licorice.

Since their attempt to pray for rain to overpower the Democratic National Convention failed, they've been pushing this new "Truth" project.

(On a side note, isn't it hilarious that they wanted people to pray for rain to drown out Obama's DNC acceptance speech but bad weather pretty much cancelled the Republican National Convention in the northeast? Brittany pointed that out a while back. I laughed and laughed and laughed and...)

Anyway, if you watch the trailer on their website, it starts out okay. Then you listen to what that Del guy is really saying towards the end. Then you read through their FAQ section. (PS-check out their definition of "postmodern." I didn't know whether to be outraged or to start giggling.) Then you see this about all the wrong things.

Listen, I know everyone's got an opinion. But this kinda thing is what gives everyone else such a bad impression of Christianity. It just reinforces the idea that all Christians are intolerant. We're scared of the rest of the world. We hole up in our churches and small groups and talk about believing the right things and not doing this and not doing that and defining words to fit our agendas and we teach our kids that the outside world is evil...

This is why so many people see churches as fortresses--as this place where Christians all hide together to protect themselves. And I really can't see it as being something that God wants for humanity.

Jesus prayed for his followers to be in the world, but not of it. So many people try so hard to not be "of this world" that they aren't even IN this world. They are disengaged. Followers of Jesus should be at the forefront of creativity and culture and music and art and social justice and sustainable living and caring for the planet. Don't get me wrong, some are. But when people strive so hard to maintain this fundamental/conservative evangelical mindset, they fail to see that they are missing out on the beauty of life. They miss out on so much joy and so much fun and so much wonder... all because they are scared to question, scared to doubt, scared to try something new, scared to experience, scared to engage those around them...

I hope the Christian faith isn't so intellectually weak that everyone feels like we have to have national campaigns to brainwash people into a very narrow-minded belief system. I'm not an "I'm okay, you're okay" kinda guy. I just believe in a God who is bigger than my doubts and questions and fears. I believe in a God who is restoring his creation. I believe in a God who loves all humanity and provides a better way.

In the words of my friend Joneo: "You can't put God in a box."


tds said...

nice thoughts. (but that's my insignificant opinion.)

Christy said...

Wow! Do I ever resound with what you had to say. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.