Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chatting with atheists is a good thing...

I like Christopher Hitchens. He's intelligent and witty... and quite smug. Not on a level with Bill Maher--more like Richard Dawkins, just less formal. I can't wait to see his movie about traveling around with a Christian pastor and debating each other.

Read his articles. They're typically worth your time. I like this most recent one.

I think I want to invite him to Bowling Green. Not to debate me, but to chat. I wonder what he'll say. I'm sure it'd be lively and a lot of fun.

I'll keep you updated.


Sheffield said...

I love this guy, he's seemingly bulletproof in a debate forum, while Dawkins takes the cake when it comes to the coldest stare in the universe, Hitchens' humor is great. I would love to meet this guy...let me know how things go, I'm sure he's a busy guy.