Monday, December 7, 2009

'Cause you are the devil and you are bad...

Glenn Beck might be the devil.

In between watching PTI on EPSN at the gym tonight, I would catch a minute or two of Glenn Beck's show. I don't watch any news talk shows on a regular basis (unless you count the Colbert Report or the Daily Show), much less Beck's hour of misinformation. But he's always interesting to check in on. Why? Because he's always do the same asinine things: slamming liberals, hating on the president, spreading misinformation, talking about how others create a climate of fear, and creating a climate of fear himself.

In tonight's show, he slammed all the people who spread the "lie" of global warming (like Al Gore and all the scientists meeting in Denmark right now) saying they're wasteful human beings and that they are spreading fear about climate change (that, according to him, doesn't exist).

He then goes on to talk about possible changes to our country's energy policies. You can watch the video if you'd like.

So he slams scientists who who are warning the world about climate change due to human wastes and such, then goes on to talk about how the country is going to go broke if we try to change our current energy systems. Isn't he doing the same thing he hates on others for doing?!?!? Of course he is. Why? Because people who watch his show don't care. Its called confirmation bias. People listen to what they want to listen to so they can reaffirm what they already believe. Nobody who watches Beck's show is going to question it.

My bigger problem with Beck's show is this: he's scaring people into not changing. If we don't acknowledge climate change, then there's no need to change the way we produce energy, or how excessive we live, or how much waste/pollution we produce. The problem with that is: if we don't change, how bad will it get until we realize its too late? How much of the earth will be ruined so it can't be healed? How many millions of people across the world will suffer due to the wasteful and excessive lives of Americans?

Glenn Beck might be the devil. Why? Because I'd venture to say that the majority of people who watch his show are either (a) conservative, (b) Christians, or (c) both. People are buying this garbage. People listen to Beck and take his word as truth. They eat it up. Its only going to further divide us as a people and make things worse.

If we refuse to acknowledge the need to change, so we don't change, then we're really screwing ourselves. Whole industries are going bankrupt. Pollution and waste are ruining our planet. Our energy consumption drives the need for energy produced from non-sustainable and bad sources. So instead of acknowledging the problem and seeking to rectify it by coming up with new ideas and new industries and new jobs and new processes, people like Beck want to keep the money and power where it us by scaring people into not changing.

So, for these reasons, and many more, I think Glenn Beck might be the devil.


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