Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Dogs...

This is Penelope Jane. I like her. She gets a little anxious when people enter the house, but other than that, we get along great. She's my favorite dog.

Then there's this dude:

Capo Hemingway. He's Brittany's dog. Don't get me wrong, I like him, too. He's very sweet and loving. Likes to be held. Needs very little exercise. Doesn't need to go out often. But he smells. And he licks everything all the time. However, I have grown accustomed to these things and learned to tolerate him.

But last week, all that changed. Capo decided to pee in my guitar gear bag. Not on it. In it. I left it on the floor Thursday, and when I opened it that evening, it smelled like piss and there was clearly yellow liquid all over some stuff in the front pouch. I called Brittany and told her to prepare herself--I was going to kill the dog or take him back to the Humane Society. She informed me I wasn't allowed to do either one.

He's at my feet right now. Looking around like he's confused. Wearing his red polo and licking the air. He's a weird, scraggly little dog. But I love him, even when I don't want to.

(He doesn't know he's not my favorite. So don't tell him.)

It makes me wonder how God feels when he looks at humanity.


Anonymous said...

I've wondered that about God too. I mean, some people get closer to Him than others do, so does He feel closer to those back?

And I would NOT have been happy with Capo!

td shoemaker said...

I was laughing out loud because I think that Capo is a funny looking and a funny dude.

Now that Dora has stopped pissing everywhere, she and I are getting a long much better.

Gretchen stinks.

Sheffield said...

I peed in God's guitar bag last week, and he's pretty pissed about it. Here's to forgiveness! All jokes aside, I like your puppies, even though Capo is indifferent towards me and Penny thinks I'm only good for throwing that dang bone.