Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Latest "Letter to the Editor":

Here's my most recent submission to the BG Daily News Op-Ed section. Brittany suggested lots of changes to the original text--which I made. My first draft was much more scathing and sarcastic; it emphasized the necessity of affordable health care for everyone and talked about how we can afford a public option health care plan if we can afford a trillion dollar war. But, to avoid any angry emails, I cut that stuff out and focused more on Mr. Herrin's apparent bigotry. Its nothing life-changing, but I thought I'd post it anyway since they haven't published it.

"I have a question for Mr. Larry R. Herrin. He wrote on Saturday, January 9th: "Maybe those who buy cigarettes, alcohol, tattoos, drugs, movies, music, concerts, new cars and unaffordable homes should first think about supplying their own health care."

My question is this: are you assuming that people who buy cigarettes, alcohol, tattoos, drugs, movies, music, concerts, new cars and unaffordable homes do so instead of saving those funds for health care? In other words, it makes it sound like you’re saying people could afford health care if they’d just stop wasting their money on other things. If you aren't saying that, then I apologize in advance. If you are saying that, then I must inform you of how grossly inaccurate hasty generalizations (like the one I feel like you made) can be.

I know plenty of people who work hard, yet find they have inadequate funds to make doctor visits when they, or their children, are sick. I feel like all people should be able to visit a doctor and get the necessary medications to deal with health concerns. I dare say you'd have a hard time explaining to a six year old that "mommy and daddy can't take you to the doctor because it's not constitutionally mandated." We all deserve to have quality health care available to us.

But in the end, your letter didn't prompt a response from me because of your feelings on the proposed health care reform. Your letter prompted a response from me because I feel like you're judging all under-resourced and poor people as having a standard of morality that doesn't match yours and a lack of knowledge when it comes to efficiently handling their finances. Please don't assume that all people who are under-resourced or poor are in such a financial state because they spend their money on things such as those listed above. Many people can’t afford proper health care simply because it’s too expensive.

I don't support a certain agenda, individual, or group; I do, however, support positive change and the fight against misinformation."


Justin G said...

Very well put and respectful, good job JD.

Mitch Henson said...

I'm proud of you. Haha.

I was looking to laugh aloud at a "JD comment", but this is very mild tempered. I don't see why you would catch any flack from this.