Saturday, January 30, 2010

Did something happen to me?

You change. I change. We all change. In lots of ways. For lots of reasons.

I used to go crazy over anything that Apple made. iPod? Got one. Macbook w/ Intel processors? Got one. iPhone? Got my wife one. I got a tattoo instead.

But the iPad?

I just don't care. I thought I would. But I don't. Tim and I had a long discussion about things it should have for the price. Its still kinda cool. I'm sure lots of people will go buy one. I'm sure they'll love it. But I won't be buying one. Not because I want more tattoos. I mean, I do want more tattoos. And I'll get more. Not because I'm not getting an iPad. But because I like tattoos. A lot. But I won't get an iPad because I don't care about getting an iPad.

Does that mean I've changed?



Anonymous said...

I just like that post and its wording. It made me smile. :)

d0wn3r said...

Well, then you are not an Apple's freak. Actually, I don't want to get iPad too. Like you, I just don't care about it. You're still the same, Captain Ahab. Smile and enjoy your day. lvlvlv, do you care if I call it a word?