Thursday, March 4, 2010

My first post regarding NASCAR...

I used to be a big NASCAR fan. Every weekend I was with my dad growing up, we hurried out to the car after church and flipped on MRN radio. I, for some reason, loved Dale Earnhardt and hated Jeff Gordon. I followed Jeremy Mayfield and Rusty Wallace but never cared for Kyle Petty. I was, unashamedly, a big NASCAR fan.

As I've gotten older, I don't follow many professional sports. I'll occassionally watch some ESPN to keep up with my Fantasy Football league, but that's about it.

However, my dad remains an avid fan of the largest spectator sport in America. One of his friends, Adam Alexander, has worked for NASCAR radio for several years. He's also done some work on SPEED TV. Bowling Green residents may recognize him as the guy who used to be on Greenwood Ford commercials. My dad also says that he is a beast on the golf tee box.

But now, he's crossed over into the big time and landed a spot on network TV as the turn-by-turn announcer for TNT. You can read the article from US Today here.

I know that NASCAR isn't a topic that I normally cover--and I know that Adam probably won't ever read this. But I still thought it was pretty cool.

Adam Alexander--we salute you!


joseph said...

that was pretty cool! I will send this to Adam next week. He will be grateful!