Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adventures in the Scion

Brittany and I got a new car last month. Unfortunately, the Honda is leaking everything but gas and the transmission is on its last legs. Anyway, we like the Scion xD a lot. Its funky, has all the options we wanted, and gets great gas mileage. On top of all of that, it seems to be a magnet for interesting events.

Last Monday night, Brittany and I went with Rod and Ben to hear Desmond Tutu speak at Murray State University. We were having lots of fun until we got rear-ended leaving the parking lot. It didn't hurt the car much and, thankfully, the lady who hit us (when her "foot slipped off the break while texting," according the the police report) had good insurance. We all had sore backs/necks and I have a chiropractor working that stuff out.

So then Rod and I set out on a 3 day road trip. Halfway between Nashville and Memphis, we stopped and picked up a hitchhiker--"Ed the Hitchhiker." He was an interesting guy (as most hitchhikers are). We talked a lot. Got lunch together. Then decided to drop Ed back off after a couple of hours as he decided to keep adding tequila to his orange juice in the car. At this point, "Ed the Hitchhiker" became "Ed the Drunk Hitchhiker." After we woke him up and dropped him back off on the side of I-40, we noticed a strong pee smell in the car. This was probably due to the large pee stain in the back seat. So "Ed the Drunk Hitchhiker" became "Drunk Ed the Pants Peeing Hitchhiker."

A couple of bucks at the car wash took care of the stain and smell with the upholstery shampooer and vacuum. It provided lots of giggles all night long. I could never tell when/if he was being honest with us, but Rod determined he was definitely lying every time he said: "That's a true story."

There are times when laughing is the best thing to do.

There are times when I need to be reminded that my troubles aren't that bad compared to other's troubles locally and worldwide.

There are times when I need to remember that stuff is just stuff and people are far more important.

And there are times when you should go over some ground rules with people you pick up on the side of the road (ie, no peeing on the car seats).


Rod said...

and that is a true story!