Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best Album of 2010

This one was easy. Too easy, actually.

It starts off with a quote from Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." It finishes with one of the best compositions I've heard in a long time. I saw them in concert at the War Memorial auditorium a couple of months ago. It was literally some of the best 2 hours of my life.

If you have not listened to Mumford and Sons' album "Sigh No More," you are not complete. I seriously mean that. These songs will get into your mind and heart and bounce around in your chest. They will make you sing. They make you feel like music is important. They make you feel like the moment matters. They make you remember why art is so valuable.

I don't know exaclty when I got my hands on the album for the first time. I do know that "Little Lion Man" was the first song I heard. I thought "Winter Winds" may be my favorite, then they played "Roll Away Your Stone" as the final encore song at their concert with Cadillac Sky and Old Crow Medicine Show on stage in Nashville... and my mind was instantly changed.