Friday, January 28, 2011

Couchsurfing and Global Climate Change...

So Brittany and I host Couchsurfers. If you don't know what couchsurfing is, goto the main website and check it out (here). Essentially, we let perfect strangers stay at our house as they are journeying across the country for one reason or another. Every experience we've had has been great. We really enjoy the lives and stories that have been shared. We've gotten to meet some very interesting people.

For instance, this last week, we hosted a middle aged couple from Canada. He is a retired accountant and she is a retired chef. They've chosen to live a very simple life and, because of that, retired in their early 40's. They live in a 500 sq/ft house off the grid in Canada and run a small organic farm. He taught workshops on alternative energy sources, composting, and gardening. They were fun people and great conversationalists. The vegan meal she cooked for us on Wednesday night was fantastic and the talk that followed was thought provoking.

These Couchsurfers were passionate about living simply and conserving our planet. We talked lots about how they do that, what choices they've made, ways the world is over-consuming natural resources, and practical steps people can begin to make the in right direction. Basically, they felt that we have to start doing something now, because if we are lazy and put it off any later, it'll be too late. It won't be the next generation's problem. It is our problem. Now.

It got me thinking... about how I live. And about how we all live. Particularly, how we as Americans live. And is it too late? Should we say: "Screw it. Its too late. Eat, drink and be merry... for tomorrow we die."? Or should we actively seek to change things? What if global climate change is all a bunch of BS? What if I do everything I can and no one listens to me about why they should change their lives?

There's lots of questions. And few answers. Then I ran across this YouTube video today. He makes an excellent point:

What are we going to do? Nothing? Something? Anything? And what sacrifices are we willing to make to change our planet? And what if it really is too late?