Friday, May 9, 2008

My better half...

Brittany graduates from Western today. To say that I am proud of her would be a vast understatement. She is a brilliant woman. This is a huge day in her life, and she deserves every bit of "congratulations" that can be given.

She has worked hard and studied hard and accomplished in 8 semesters what many people don't in 8 years. She has been through a terrible break-up, two jobs, a 14 month engagement, a great wedding and her parents moving--all while maintaining above average grades. (She has earned the honor of graduating Cum Laude.) She works in the mornings, goes to school, goes back to work, heads to then gym, and still comes home to cook dinner and spend time with me.

She can write a compare and contrast essay on two Jane Austen novels, work eight hours, do her spinning/toning class at the gym and cook a creative, gourmet meal all on an ordinary Monday.

You all know these things. Its the things that only I know about her that make her that much more special to me. How she steals the covers constantly but always blames me (in actuality, I'm merely trying to get them back and tend to over-do it). How deep down inside she's way too urban, glamorous and fashion-forward for this town and our budget but doesn't complain. How she still maintains an incredible amount of modesty, even when its just the two of us in this tiny apartment. How she hides her clothes instead of putting them up. How she can't fall asleep without multiple appliances (ie: TV, air purifier, etc) making noise. How she watches TV, plays games on her cell phone, and uses the Mac all at once. How she refuses to do anything on Thursday nights because "Grey's Anatomy" and "LOST" are on and that's two hours guaranteed together. How she sleeps in pants nightly (socks, too, in the winter).

How her hugs make every day better. How coming home to her always gives me something to look forward to. How waking up next to her makes every day worth while.

I married up. There's no doubt about it. But I don't question it. I thank God for it. (Hey, I'm not stupid.)

This is my Brittany Marie. Other men's wives pale in comparison. She is all that I ever hoped for and way more. 

You are amazing, sweet pea. Congratulations.


Anonymous said...

Brittany sounds wonderful! Can she be my wife? Oh, and I am super excited for her as well and proud of her graduation today. We had a great time hanging out tonight - and every night we hang out with you guys. Ahhh... :)