Thursday, May 29, 2008

It does a body bad.

I hate milk. I’ve never been a fan. I don’t like the taste. Its wretched. I don’t like yogurt or cottage cheese—they’re gross, too. Call me a hypocrite, but I like cheese and ice cream in small amounts. But milk… milk is the debil (along with foos-ball).

People don’t know much about milk. They drink it and assume what the commercials say is true.

Ever read Hoard’s Dairyman? Me neither. It’s the leading dairy industry magazine. They report typical business news for the average dairy farmer. They had a real interesting article a little while back on the pus content of average milk in America. The average liter of milk has about 323 million pus cells in it (liter, not gallon mind you). The government does not allow milk with more than 750 million pus cells per liter to be shipped--thank God, right? Because 323 million pus cells isn’t a big deal at all.

I used to work for Orkin. I killed a lot of bugs. But pesticides were some crazy stuff. As a general rule of thumb, there wasn’t a pesticide or insecticide that was okay to work with. They ALL caused terrible side effects when humans ingest them or get them on their skin. I had to be super careful all the time—I constantly told Brittany how much I hated using them. In the process of just spraying some of them, my eyes would burn and skin would itch. It’s interesting that in FDA surveys of milk pulled from grocery store shelves, nearly 75% contained pesticides of some kind.

My favorite milk fact has to be the one pertaining to calcium. Did you know that there’s relatively low levels of magnesium in milk? You might be asking: “How does that pertain to calcium?” For us to absorb calcium, we need magnesium. Milk doesn’t have enough magnesium in it for us to get the benefits of calcium. We can get some negative side effects—like our bodies using calcium to line our artery walls. But none of that healthy bones crap the commercials feed you.

Humans drink another animal's milk. We're the only species that drinks milk post-babyhood. There’s all kinds of fun stuff to talk about: growth hormones, high protein diets causing calcium loss, mucus, lactose, etc etc… But I’ll end with this: I hate milk. I try to avoid it whenever possible. You should, too. Milk is the debil.

Not Milk!


BfH said...

This might be the topic on which I most wholeheartedly agree with you.