Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Do you even know what you're buying into when you follow your leader?"- John Reuben

How in God's name did John McCain become an elected official?

I find myself amazed that people would want him to be our president. Why the heck did Arizona choose him as a senator? I honestly don't believe that any thinking, responsible human being could possibly vote for him. I would go so far as to add to that: I definitely don't know how any thinking, responsible follower of Jesus could vote for him. (Single issue political voters are alive and well, I guess.)

In his own words, he "disagrees with the majority of Americans" when it comes to the war in Iraq.

Barack Obama wasn't my first choice. (He came third after John Edwards and Hillary Cinton. Ron Paul wasn't a bad option either, if you don't like big government, but that's another post...) But Obama will certainly be getting my vote over John McCain.

Does anyone think there's any reasons left to have any trust or hope in our US government actually doing their job properly? To stop wasting billions of tax dollars annually? To stop colonizing the world? Any reason at all?

I think all hope for governmental change at a national level would be dead if McCain gets elected.

I'm trying to get two more posts up--a follow up on what happens when we die and a commentary on John 14:6. They are both complicated topics that I want to handle properly, so all in due time.


BfH said...

You should read Lee Iococca's new book.