Sunday, June 1, 2008



all together

one of the best weekends ever

We enjoyed the spring showcase for Kaleidoscope on Friday night. It was amazing. Q and Marcus are probably the two best young writers/rappers I've heard locally. The art... the photography... the dance... the step... the stomp were all phenomenal. It was really, really great.

We then went to Jordan and Tim's house with Collin to watch "Lars and the Real Girl." I really liked it. Brittany said she would call it interesting, not hilarious though. Very dry, awkward humor. The movie has a lot to say about humanity and relationships. I wouldn't recommend it for the average movie-watching night. But for something different, its well worth it...

Saturday was a present. From the wife. And it came in the form of tickets. Club box seats in the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnatti to watch the Reds and Braves. A-maz-ing. We had nice padded chairs in the shade. We didn't feel like getting up, so we flagged the server down and put in our order for hot dogs and drinks and they brought it to us and it was delightful. VIP treatment guys. The game was great, too. The icing on the cake was watching Bobby Cox get thrown out--but that's normal for him.

And today was a nice end to it all. Played a lil git-er at Broadway's Greenwood campus this morning. Then met the wife at the Shoemaker's for a lil brunch and Scriptural discussion. The afternoon involved playing some GTA IV and taking a ride with the wife on the hog around BG with Jordan and Tim. Then I played Grillmaster for the youth at Broadway--hot dogs and burgers all night.

Nothing mind blowing in this post.

Its just that weekends like this remind me of how good life is. People tend to be so excited about future things and miss out so much on the here and now. I am so grateful for this beautiful world. So grateful for this beautiful life--my wife, my job, my friends, my scooter, etc etc... I want to enjoy every minute of this. To live fully in it. To laugh and love and sing and be here now.

Coming soon... my thoughts on Jesus' statements in John chapter 14. Prepare thyself!