Sunday, June 8, 2008

the one and only Shane Claiborne...

At the moment, I can't put into words how I feel after watching this.

When Shane speaks... writes... lives his life... he points to real Christianity.

Not this fake B.S. so many of us have been taught to follow.

This video is a litany Shane lead people in at Catalyst Conference. You can read the whole script here (after the jump, just click "more info" beside the date to the right of the video image). The words here made me uncomfortable. The words made me think. Its as much a confession as anything. It should a confession we make together as a church. I wonder what the response was in that arena full of people.


Honest Words at Night said...

Wow, beautiful words... I haven't read a lot of his stuff before, but I definitely love this. It's refreshing to see someone saying, "Father forgive both the oppressed and the oppressors." How often do we forget that it's about the slaughtered lamb who died to save us from ourselves?