Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Billy Mays needs to get a real job...

I have been watching some of Billy Mays' info-mercials on Youtube. They leave me speechless. Does he talk like that when he goes home at the end of the day? I can't imagine it being any other way. Someone, anyone, please: encourage him to get a real job. Him and the "Sham-WOW" dude. No more blue shirts and beards. No more headset microphones. Real jobs for them both. Or anything to get them off TV. It disturbs me. Perhaps I just think about it too much--but its their fault. They shouldn't be so eerie that they consume my thoughts for hours upon end.

Stupid Billy Mays.

On another note, vacation is near on the horizon. I'm looking forward to seeing Brittany's family and as many large cities on the northeast coast as we can. But we have already planned the big parts of vacation part 2 for later in the year. Last night we purchased airplane tickets to Spain. Yes, Spain--as in "that country in western Europe" Spain.

I'm super excited, to say the least.

I'm calling it a scouting vacation. We're gonna see what it's like. What the Spanish people are like. What's the cost of living? What's the food? How's the culture different? And finally: do we want to move there? Lots of questions to be sure.

But its prompted some interesting conversation lately about "God's will." Which has prompted lots of internal thinking on my part about God, his/her existence, his/her character, his/her state of being, his/her sovereignty, libertarian free will, grace, and open theism.

(Yes, my thoughts run away with themselves...)

So, just to forewarn you, a post is coming on all these recent theological thoughts. Another forewarning: if we goto Madrid, love it, come home, sell everything we have, move to Europe and don't want to come back, don't be surprised. Or mad. Just do the same. It sounds like fun.


BfH said...

Billy Mays is the subject of many running jokes amongst my ilk. I appreciate his body work on a level unknown to the average person, I suppose...

tds said...

i hope that you guys fall in love with spain so much that you don't even come back here and sell everything. you just ask someone to sell it for you.

get an extra bedroom though, we're coming to visit.

Anonymous said...

Billy Mays got his due. Did you see his hamburger cook book? He even has a burger in it named after him!

Justin Guest said...

Ashley, my wife, spent 3 months in Spain last year and loved it, she wants to go back soon! Evangelizing there would be an interesting endevour as they all seem like apathetic catholics. Keep blogging so we know how it goes!