Thursday, March 19, 2009

Disc golf with a 7 year old...

I play disc golf often. Its a great sport. It takes very little monetary investment to get started--3 discs would run you about $25. Its free to play a round. Its nice to be outside with or without friends. Plus I can throw my bag on my scooter's basket and go wherever to play.

Sometimes I win. (Like the other day when I beat Nate Settle at Lovers Lane.) Sometimes I lose. (More often, than not.) But either way, its for the same reason.

You see, in disc golf you try to get the disc in the basket in the fewest shots. I've always played this way. I play regular golf this way as well. But when playing disc golf with the 7 year old boy I mentor, the rules are different. Apparently I've been playing the wrong way all this time. And for this reason, he beats me often. I only won one of the twelve holes of disc golf today.

While I may make most baskets in 3 or 4 strokes, I walk to each shot, setup, take my time, and throw. Hayden throws, runs to his disc, throws, runs to his disc, throws, runs... you get the point. But this new way of playing disc golf is hard for me, and so, I get beat a 7 year old. And he makes sure I know it. No matter how many times we go over "my version of the rules," I'm wrong and apparently am just a sore loser.