Sunday, March 15, 2009


We (meaning Brittany, Collin and I) went up to Pennsylvania to stay with their family and enjoy some time away from work and Bowling Green.

Twas great. We went hiking and climbing on the Appalachain Trail. Went to Baltimore for a day. Went to Philadelphia for a day. Ate Philly Cheesesteaks (twice). Played disc golf at one of the most fun courses I've seen. Then played disc golf at one of the hardest and most ridiculous courses I've seen. Spent a lot of time with family. Played some board games and a lot of Mario Kart Wii (which is amazing, by the way). And basically just tried to enjoy the week as much as possible.

Got to do a lot of thinking, reading and writing while away.

I am part of a collaboration of bloggers through Homebrewed Christianity--another blog. Through this, I recently was asked if I'd be interested in getting some books for free. They'd send them to me, I'd read them, then blog about them. Sounded like a nice deal to me. So I'll be posting my reviews sometime soon. They were all written by different authors that are part of a group of theologians who follow a line of thought called "process theology."

One of the books talked about the problem of God and evil. Its a conversation I've been having a lot lately. I've really been looking into open theism, its ideas and one of its most well known proponents: John Sanders. Both lines of thought (open theism and process theology) have great things to say about reconciling the concept of a loving, merciful God with the very real knowledge of evil, pain and suffering. That'll probably be the first book I talk about. The other two (one talking about process theology's founder Alfred Whitehead and the other talking about evolution vs creation/intelligent design) were kinda boring, but only because they aren't subjects I'm extremely interested in at the moment.

Anyway, post on the books coming ASAP.

Its good to be back.

Here's one last pic. Nothing unusual, right?

Then you look closer and...

That's right. I'm a man. I climb rocks. I drive a scooter. I work out occasionally. I planted flowers today. I love watching Desperate Housewives on Sunday night with my lovely wife. I build stuff. I'm a man.


Justin Guest said...

I'd be interested in what the evolution/creationism book had to say, I'm having to take a class soon on creationism and need some differing opinions. Was it pro evolution? If so what was it called and would you recommend it?

JD said...

Its short. Its a basic explanation that reconciles the two views. So while its a pro-creation viewpoint, it also validates the findings of science. In the end, its says both are right.

God is the creative spark that started the process, but the evolutionary process itself took over from there.

More soon...