Friday, July 24, 2009


I've been thinking about the existence of God a lot recently.

Not whether or not God exists--that's certainly something worth pondering as well. And I've spent plenty of time thinking about that. But not this week. This week I've been thinking about what God's actual existence is like.

What is God?
What does God look like?
What is God composed of?
Where does God reside?
How does God reside in a location if he/she does?
If God isn't in a location, what does his/her physical form exist in?
Does God have a physical form?
How does God see things in our universe?
If God is omnipresent, how does his/her sense of perception work?
If there are other dimensions, does God exist in all of them simultaneously?
If God is physical and yet eternal, does God age?
Does God still create?
How do God's emotions/feelings work?
Is God constantly feeling some emotion?
Does God have a voice?
If so, what does that voice sound like?
Does that voice speak in the same way that we understand speech?
Does God crack jokes?
Does God think Creed is the worst band of all time, with Hinder in a close second?
Does God need to shave?
Is he/she one of us? (HT: Joan Osborne)

Stuff like that.

No answers. Just questions today.


Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

GREAT post. Always good to question. Even if you don't find an answer. Some of these are questions I've never considered - some that made me think. Some that made me think and laugh (does God need a shave...think Creed is the worst band...ha!).

I know I'd be really disappointed to find out that God doesn't crack jokes.

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I want to know what God thinks of Taylor Swift. Not as his creation/daughter...but her music.

Sheffield said...

The idea of "God"...You could spend the rest of your life on that one.

Anonymous said...

Those are good questions. Some made me laugh too. I hadn't thought about if he still creates, that's interesting. And I'd definitely like to know how his emotions work.

I hope he jokes too.