Thursday, July 2, 2009

We're halfway through the year...

and this is my favorite blog post I've read in a while.

Jonathan Brink hits a home run with this entry.

I cannot help but to echo his thoughts: there isn't a universally accepted theological point of view. There just isn't. There isn't a single human who has every aspect of theological thought figured out. There isn't a single Christian who can point to the Scriptures and say: "I understand everything about this compilation of books."

It just doesn't work like that. We are all going to be wrong at some point. We are all going to screw something up. And the sooner we get that figured out, the better.

I have lots of theological ideas that various people disagree with. I have lots of non-theological views that various people disagree with. But isn't that what makes us all human and makes this life beautiful? Humanity is a gorgeous mosaic--lots of bright (re:different) and broken colors that come together to form one amazing masterpiece.

It seems like I've had this discussion with several people lately--and they tend to be people who disagree with me. So let this be said: I'm totally fine with disagreement. I think we're kidding ourselves if we don't allow discussion and analyzing of our points of view. Contrasting opinions are important. Let's at least agree on that.

I'd rather be having conversations about how we can improve local housing issues or provide health care to everyone or provide clean water to every human... maybe I'm changing. Maybe some of the fight within me is gone. Maybe I'm tired of arguing. As Tim told me once, I'm good with the propaganda. I know how to push an issue out there. But maybe I'm looking for more than discussion and arguments finally. Maybe I'm looking for change. Maybe I wanna see it happen. Maybe I wanna change the world. Maybe I think that we could actually do that.

Rick, our senior pastor here at Broadway, told me once: "Its more important that the work be done than the critics be answered."

I wanna see it happen. I wanna change the world. Yeah, I think we can actually do that... together.


Jonathan Brink said...

Thanks for the kind words JD.

mistylb said...

I agree that I don't think it's possible for any of us humans to understand everything. Good post.