Sunday, August 16, 2009

Its a daily thing.

I'm probably not who you think I am.

Probably not.

Because I'm still trying to figure that out. It keeps me up at night. I wrestle with it. I toss it around. Its rather unsettling. But there are questions I gotta answer. I'd rather fight this fight and come out a stronger me on the other side than never ask the tough questions.

Does it bother you, too?

Do you ask yourself all those questions you're afraid to answer? Afraid you already know? Afraid you know all the darkness that lies beneath your skin? Afraid of being who you want because you may get hurt? Afraid of being honest because others may not understand? Afraid of trying to take the big leaps because you could fall hard? Afraid because everyone already knows about your propensity to make mistakes and bad choices?

There are simple things in life to enjoy. But I don't wanna miss out on the complexities because I'm scared.

Thanks for listening, by the way.


Sheffield said...

I wrote a lil while back I sometimes feel like figuring things out in this world has us all fumbling around in a dark room. It's hard to know what everything is or what it all means, some things are easy to make out and others not so much. And your right man, it's scary and a lot of times down right ugly when we overturn rocks in that analogous dark, but all analogies aside there is no value that I can place on the peace that comes with knowing other people are going through the same stuff I am. Thanks for writing. said...

That is really good. It's good to know that other people sometimes question or fear the same things I do.