Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh, Sarah. Oh, Sarah.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sarah Palin is a moron--truly and undoubtedly a moron.

The fact that John McCain selected her as a running mate in the last presidential election should offend every American woman. Yet, somehow, she seems to maintain an audience. Last week, on Facebook, Palin posted a bunch of lies and nonsense about health care reform. Read it here.

I thought most of her comments were laughable. Its simply fear mongering at its best--and that's what I think she wants to do. She, like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, has convinced people that she has a viewpoint worth listening to and (for some reason) has coherent, logical ideas and comments on matters of national concern.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why people would support her as a politician. And worser still, cannot figure out why there is buzz going around about her running for presidential office in 2012.

Can anyone argue with these two points?:
1-We need to reform our health care system in America.
2-We need to make sure every person in America receives proper health care.

Are those two points outlandish? Liberal? Crazy? NO! They're extremely reasonable ideas. I would hope that every American feels like that. Sure, I have concerns about a government run health care system. But that the same time, I certainly don't trust privatized health care providers to fix themselves. They, along with the pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, are making too much money off of the American people. They don't want to change anything. They are taking advantage of millions of people and buying off as many politicians as they can to keep it that way.

Something has got to change. And people like Sarah Palin are only making it harder for change to occur when they use their platforms to spread lies and fear.

Oh, the the ways in which power and money corrupt. Its sad. Really sad.

I love Keith Olbermann's response this week (addressing the American people): "Think. Please, think before something horrible happens."


Sheffield said...

I think Sarah Palin has made herself into a joke, thats about all I'll say about her, but don't get me started on MSNBC...Don't get me wrong most news is trash anyways, but MSNBC and FOX NEWS take the cake on being absolutely worthless to the furthering of human existence on this planet.

If I want to watch the news on TV, I tune to CNN for lack of a better choice, but honestly there's just no win win anywhere anymore...

Joe said...

let me say that I am no Sarah Palin apologist and I have no idea were any of the GOP/FNS gets the term "death panel" but I have read the part of the bill that they are talking about in its entirety and it does have odd wording when it comes to the person's requests for "end of life" care. pg 428-429 are the pages that I am referring to and it doesn't say anything about death panels but it does speak to the amount of care given as opposed to the persons requests of being brought back after being "pulse less, apneic," etc... and about being able to change hospitals, receive artificial food or hydration. At best the language in the bill suspect. Again I see nothing in there about death panels but it does seem like at the very least they needs some more details to explain what they mean on those pages. Even if Obama doesn't mean for there to be government sanctioned euthanasia the way the bill is worded it sure seems that there is provision for it to happen.

JD said...

you think that wording is weird?


it basically is saying that people need to have a living will. they need to have a consultation appointment every few years to determine what they want the doctors to do if they are without a pulse, aren't breathing, have a heart attack, etc. (Or, as you quoted from the bill, "pulse less, apneic, or has serious cardiac or pulmonary problems.")

to me, its common sense. you make sure people have a plan for health care as they age or encounter serious health complications.

why is that odd?