Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Church Music

So David Crowder Band dropped their new album, "Church Music," yesterday.

I tried not to keep my expectations too high. Their 3rd full length studio album, "A Collision (or 3+4=7)" was one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. It was a narrative from beginning to end. The songs flowed into eachother. It told a story. It blew me away the first time I heard it. The lyrics, as with their two previous studio albums, were creative, interesting, introspective, and captivating. Its one of my favorite CD's I own.

Then, two years ago, they put out "Remedy." "Remedy" was not intended to be what "A Collision" was. The band said that "Remedy" was full of simple songs for the church. In other words, these were songs that were meant to be sung. I like it a lot, but it wasn't what "A Collision" was.

So I told Brittany I'd tried not to be let down with this new album.

I've listened to it in its entirety several times now. Thus far, I'd say its good. Its not great. But its good.

Its very electronic. Its a departure from their past albums where synths/beats have blended with guitars/drums. On this album, the programming certainly takes the lead musically. I heard Crowder say that its ironic they called it "Church Music" because it sounds nothing like what most people would call church music. Nonetheless, I like the sound overall. They mix some ripping guitar solos into several of the songs.

But the lyrics are the disappointment. I can't really pick up on an over-arching theme. There are some recurring themes, don't get me wrong--I just thought it'd tell more of a story. And it doesn't. Then too, the lyrics aren't what I've come to expect from DC*B. They aren't as creative and inspiring as they have been in the past. Musically, they've pushed the envelope. I can appreciate that. But what moves me are the lyrics that bounce around inside my chest. I didn't get that on the CD.

Maybe I need to listen more. Maybe I need to give it more time. Perhaps I'll update you all on this later. Its still worth getting. Its a good album. It just didn't meet the high expectations I have for one of my favorite bands.


Justin Guest said...

I had the same feeling. I expected it to be a new favorite but so far I've really only been let down. It's good, but not something I'm going to be listening to all the time.