Saturday, September 19, 2009

Momma always said...

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

That's good advice. Advice I should have adhered to more often in life. But the thing is: I can't hold it in all the time. I've just got to speak my mind sometimes. Some things just need to be said. I've got to get some things of my chest. At times, I can be quite critical. I'm well aware of that. But I try to make a point of admitting my own tendencies to ere and my participation in the problem. When I'm critical of the Church or America, I'm willing to admit that I've only aided in things becoming so screwed up.

Yet, people have a hard time with some of the things I say. And oftentimes, reactions can be quite strong. But lately I've made an effort to stay away from controversial topics. Its not worth the hassle when life is busy to have to deal with lots of angry comments or straw man arguments.

So I've held back a little as of late. On purpose. For my own sanity. For the sanity of my wife. And because I haven't had the time to write long posts.

But I have some things to say. Things I've held back, but need to let out. Some won't be perceived as "nice." And that's okay. But, like I said earlier, sometimes you just gotta say it--regardless of its reception by others.

So this is a long teaser post. Sorry, Sheffield. I know you'll boo me or whine about this. But I'm writing this just to give everyone a little warning. I'll try to write several posts this week. I don't know all the topics. One will be about the Church and money (in light of the holidays approaching). One will have to be about Brand New's album "Daisy" and David Crowder Band's album "Church Music"--both of which will release on Tuesday, the 22nd. One will probably deal with health care reform and the misinformation being spewed by so many people and media outlets. And who knows what else.

This is just a little forewarning.


Sheffield said...

This is just a teaser boo...real boos will come later.

Anonymous said...

bring it on. i can't wait to hear what you have to say on such topics.