Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letters to the Editor...

This is probably the last "letter to the editor" I'll write on the issue of health care reform. It was published today in the BG Daily News. I've started receiving negative emails and don't wanna deal with that headache. Anyway, I hope I communicated my point in a reasonable manner.

"Let’s have a calm discussion on health care
Thursday, September 3, 2009 11:33 AM CDT

This letter is in reply to Mr. Frank St. Charles and his letter Thursday, “Health care plan is simply not a good idea.”

The government is not seeking to control the health care system. The government is seeking to reform the health care system and to provide health care to all Americans - millions of whom cannot currently afford it. Even if the government decides to provide a public option within the bill, it will in no way force you to change anything about your current coverage unless you desire to make such a change.

We are already being abused by insurance, health care and pharmaceutical companies. Their methods, marketing and lobbying are steadily affecting all of us. Are you seriously proposing that we aren’t already victims of “incompetency and excess” within the current system?

I’m not saying that I think a government-run health care system is the best option. Privatized health care sounds like the best option - I agree. But privatized health care has shown that it only seeks to make more money for its executives and not provide the best health care for all citizens. If the government needs to step in, then so be it.

The system needs to be reformed. I’m not saying I have all the answers - I’m simply encouraging everyone to approach this from a calm and rational perspective.

I’m assuming you have an adequate insurance plan and the financial resources to pay for medical treatment and prescription drugs. But what about those who don’t?

John David Ryan"


Mitch Henson said...

i'm pretty apathetic about i don't really agree or disagree with you, yet you make a solid argument.

however, i love your fervor and adamancy. that's the main point here.