Monday, February 1, 2010

The truth is...

I can't stand listening to the radio. Most of the music sucks. I can't stand most of the contrived, unimaginative junk that's out there anymore. There's so little feeling and so much production. More emphasis on rhyming than on artistic integrity.

Point in case: Taylor Swift.

Can I get an "amen," Meece?

Listen, I don't have a great voice. I'm not a fantastic songwriter. Both my brother-in-laws (re: Tim and Collin) can run circles around me when it comes to playing guitar. I'll probably never land a major record deal. But I'm proud of the music I make. Its real. Its not something that a studio or a producer or a label makes. When the guys in eventhesky and I put a song together, its a little bit of us. People like the Jonas Brothers or Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus or Nickelback or Ciara or Three Doors Down make me sick. These people are making millions of dollars in the music industry because of good studios, good managers, good marketing, and lots of digital auto-pitch correction.

Listen to whatever you want. I have strong opinions about music--I know. But what happened to music with soul? I don't expect everyone to love Death Cab for Cutie or Ryan Adams or Band of Horses or Lucero or Kristian Matsson or Bright Eyes or Neil Young or even the music I make. I just don't expect everyone to love the fake, over-produced, plastic pop out there.

All resentment aside: how in the world does Taylor Swift pull in a million dollars a week?!?!?!!? I mean... come on!