Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pray for my wife--she has to live with me.

So I always surprise poor Brittany whenever I come up with my next hair-brained scheme. This week, its the desire to own a classic VW Beetle. We've been a "1 Car Couple" for a while now, and I love driving the scooter, but occassionally, it'd be nice to have a car. I just see an old Beetle as a logical solution to said problem. I'm going to post pictures on here, not for your viewing pleasure, but as a way to host them when I post to forums. I'm not a VW expert, but there are plenty out there. So I'm searching for a car and posting pictures for the experts to give me their opinions (and sending Tim pictures and asking him lots of questions).

I love my wife. She has to put up with me.