Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I Believe (day 4)

I believe that an understanding of time is an important part of an understanding of life.

For instance, I think that time is either not linear or that God is bound by it. I've had two great conversations on the matter in the past week. Both were talking about it from an unbiased perspective (by that, I mean that they were not defending God's position in it all, but simply discussing their views on the matter of time). One friend was saying how he believes that time is cyclical and the other was saying how he believes that time is consistent and linear. Both had great points. I blogged about this a bit a while back myself. From my worldview and theological perspective, its impossible for time to be linear and God to be outside of it. Time may very well be linear; and if that's the case, then God is bound by it just like the rest of the universe.

Its complicated, I know.


Sheffield said...

How much time did it take God to create the universe? When did time start? Was time prior to God? Is God outside of time? Do God and time hangout together on the weekends? Just had some interesting questions bouncing around in my head about this post. Cool series...I'll be sure to keep up with the posts.