Friday, September 17, 2010

What I believe (day 8)

I believe that the Bible is valid and can be trusted. I would not use the terms "inerrant" or "infallible" to describe it, though.


Sheffield said...

What do you mean by this? valid? trusted? What's valid? What needs to be trusted? Not agreeing or disagreeing, but simply talking here. How does the Bible gain your trust, is it simply grandfathered in from your earlier faith perspective, or is there something about the Bible that gives it this sense of "validity" or "trustworthiness." I'm all for people feeling this way, but just wanna know what it is that your actually saying...Can you explain further, or is this as close as it gets as far as expounding on this goes.

JD said...

to answer your last question: no

JD said...

lol. ok. i might answer them all one day soon.