Friday, May 14, 2010

Bumper Sticker Doctrine...

I think the worst phrased ever used by any Christian ever probably involved something to do with the word "predestined." I think the second worst phrase ever used by an Christian ever is "Let Go, Let God." That's awful. Plain awful.

What does that even mean? It makes no sense.

What am I supposed to "let go" of? And by doing so, how does that "let God" does his/her/its thing?

I think this falls under the category of Bumper Sticker Doctrine. People thought it sounded good. Its short. Its ambiguous enough that people can think it means all sorts of things. Done. They put it on stickers, motivational posters, and office paper weights.

I don't find a Biblical text anywhere that supports this kind of thinking. Nor can I think of any reasoning to actually make a logical statement to support the phrase "Let Go, Let God." It makes me angry. Its so frustrating. I know people mean well when they share these types of things, but it makes me wanna punch someone.

On a happier note: my favorite bumper sticker I ever saw said "God is coming and boy is she pissed." That's great. My second favorite said something much more offensive.


td shoemaker said...

to compliment this idea, i have two words for you: church signs.

eternity - smoking or nonsmoking

we have better sundays that dairy queen.

wedding day is coming, time to get on your knees.


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