Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Music and the movement...

I'm often asked what my favorite song is. I can't ever nail it down. I'm pretty sure it'd probably be "Holiday In Spain" by Counting Crows. But that's my best guess. I'm still arguing with myself over this one. I probably always will.

As of late, my favorite new artists have been Mumford & Sons (British folk) and The Tallest Man on Earth (aka: Kristian Matsson, folk). Both are beyond incredible. I have decided that I would love the Avett Brothers more if their CD's resembled more of their live sound. Brittany has fallen for Old Crow Medicine Show. The new Band of Horses album has disappointed me. There's not enough reverb. It just doesn't have the same ballsy feel as their last two, "Cease to Begin" and "Everything All The Time." The new Swell Season LP is great while the new Modest Mouse EP doesn't really excite or disappoint me. The National moves me in ways I didn't expect--their mellow, sultry sound is terrific. I've also taken a liking to Noah and the Whale as they can arrange some very dynamic, emotional songs with captivating lyrics.

I've tried to think of what started all of this. What were the first songs that really struck a chord within me and made me what to write and sing? There are certainly early influences that impacted me a lot. My dad always had country music playing in his truck. My sister always had the latest cassette from New Kids on the Block, Michael Jackson or Paula Abdul. My mom always had the oldies playing in the car and loved to sing. But what particular songs? I've narrowed it down. I think the following three songs were catalytic in my musical life:

1- Say It Ain't So -- Weezer

2- Motorcycle Drive-By -- Third Eye Blind

3- Long December -- Counting Crows

I could name a million. Some came before, some came after. But those three moved something in me. Those three changed me in some way.

What about you? What songs impacted who you are? What music makes you feel a little more alive?


td shoemaker said...

here a few that immediately come to mind:

black and yellow ledbetter by pearl jam
anna begins by counting crows

oh and anything by weird al yankovic

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Eric said...

Points for Brittany for liking OCMS. They have been one of my favorites for a little while now. Like the Avett Bro's, Old Crow live is one of the funnest experiences. If you go, you will not be disappointed. But beware you may find yourself dancing like an idiot.

@Terry, check out Eddie Vedder's music from the movie Into the Wild. Love it.

Anonymous said...

david gray - babylon
ben harper - forever
sigur ros (period)

have you listened to jónsi yet?

Stefan said...

Smoke Pigs by Thou
Brown Brown Brown by Paul Baribeau
For Exes by Crime in Stereo