Monday, May 24, 2010

Prepare to waste 5 hours...

Wikipedia is an incredible website. Its a cultural phenomenon. Who would have thought five years ago that an open-source encyclopedia would be successful, much less this huge? I love the idea that information edited by many would/could be more accurate than information selected and edited by a few scholars. Granted, I wouldn't use Wikipedia for a research paper. But if I want to find quick info on about anything, I search for whatever I'm curious about followed by "wiki" so that link comes up first. Need info on the first moon landing? Its there. Info on the Stephen Stills of Crosby, Stills and Nash? Its there. Info in the human reproductive system? Its there. Info on the history of tattooing? Its there. Info on anything else you could ever want to know? Its probably there.

I came across this great site tonight. Copybot has put together a link list of the 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia. Bookmark it. When you're bored, read through some of the articles. You'll soon be a wealth of knowledge and interesting facts.


Justin G said...

haha, so i'm not the only one who follows all his google searches with "wiki".

Nancy said...

thanks for the link....LOL when I read the "Year Without a Summer"...that's one of Granddaddy's favorite should ask him about it sometime.