Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Reader: Some Questions...

I don't feel like talking. You should talk.

Should the toilet paper go over or under?
-For me, its over. I'll change the direction of the roll if I'm at someone's house and its rolling under. For real.

Wad or fold?
-Me? I do both.

Favorite band?
-Too tough a question. However, if I could be in any band, it'd be Counting Crows. If I could be a solo musician, I'd be The Tallest Man on Earth (aka, Kristian Matsson). Or myself. I like me, too.

Your turn.


calaismarie said...

i'll start.

1. OVER! seriously, what's wrong with the "under" people?? or the ones who simply don't care?? i've been known to switch it as well.
2. waaaay too personal...
3. jonsi/sigur ros. no question about it.

JD said...

Oh, come one, Calais. Everyone has their own technique when it comes to wiping. If we share, hopefully we can take away some of the cultural taboo. Its important we have an open discussion on this matter. Nothing is too personal for my blog--not even butt wiping.

td shoemaker said...

i'll get in on this:

1. does not matter to me. although, i fully admit that under make rolling more complicated.
2. definitely folded.
3. favorite band currently - the avett brothers (a lot of this has to do with the fact that my family loves them as well). i'd like to be in the band mewithoutyou though.

word verification: predned

Mitch Henson said...

Why not toss in my two cents?

Over all the way. I'm with Terry. Under takes up quality time. I don't want to have to linger in the barthroom longer than needed.

I defiantly fold. I have big hands. I just makes sense.

Fall Out Boy is probably my favorite band. They catch a lot of crap for being emo...but I feel like they just kind of made it mainstream. It's whatever. They have a good catalog. More hits than misses for me.

Louis Tagliaboschi said...

1) Definitely over.
2) I was in the army, and we were expected to use 1 sheet (I won't get into how, out of respect for your wife) so as a retaliation, I generally use more than I should, and wad it up.
3) Kings of Leon right now

For Terry, word verification: ester